The Leadership in Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP) is part of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Innovator Pilot Program. LEEP is managed by the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) to create a model for countywide energy management in Alameda County public schools.


LEEP is manage by ACOE, an established government entity whose mission is to assist local school districts with a range of key functions, foremost of which are fiscal soundness, maintaining strong business systems, and ensuring the implementation of state and federal educational policies and legislation. Currently there is no direct link between state and federal policies on energy management and school districts. By serving as that bridge, LEEP will provide financially constrained local school districts access to a centralized resource for energy efficiency expertise and energy management assistance. ACOE is a trusted, known entity to local districts and has a track record of assisting districts and schools on issues critical to their bottom line.

LEEP is providing two energy managers and a support staff to develop facility energy use benchmarks for school districts in Alameda County, identify potential energy savings opportunities in participating districts, coordinate technical services including energy audits, and guidance on financial incentives to facilitate energy audit implementation. Energy efficiency practices and policies will be adopted and implemented, and district facilities managers will build internal capabilities and energy efficiency knowledge through participation in LEEP, both of which will help ensure that LEEP’s impact will be sustained beyond the conclusion of this funding. LEEP shares best practices developed and lessons learned by presenting at regional and statewide conferences for county and district superintendents, chief business officials, facilities directors, and district school board members, with the option for statewide scaling of LEEP in county offices of education statewide.

LEEP partners with green jobs education programs to provide hands-on field training and resume-building opportunities for graduates and students of local green jobs programs. Partners in this program component include the Oakland Green Jobs Corps at Laney College, and the Green  Academies at Oakland, Livermore, and San Lorenzo school districts. These students are training for careers as technicians and managers in the fields of energy efficiency, and water and resource conservation. College trainees will become proficient at analyzing utility usage data and using the EPA’s Portfolio Manager, two essential job skills for the energy managers of the future.


ACOE initiated the LEEP program in late 2010 and it will continue through early 2013. One of the goals of the LEEP program is to be self-sustaining past the availability of PG&E funds, therefore the program may be ongoing.


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